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loving her posts

Daughter, Tracy, is making me laugh, cry, feel grateful, feel blessed, feel fantastic, feel me!

Oh the memories of our wonderful childhood!

Love her post on my Mother. We are all so blessed to have had her in our lives for so very long. 90 years!


Blessings are still pouring into our lives because of how she loved us, raised us, taught us, read to us, lived her religion, had patience in her marriage, forgave us, and in turn, taught us to forgive, encouraged us, supported us, fed us, gently chastised us, lived for us.

Here’s my opening remarks at her funeral in December: It describes her perfectly! [But certainly not completely!]

Go back with me, if you will, to a summer in 1960 or so. Of course we were camping, but it rained every single day we were there. Not just a little rain! It rained all day long and all night long. We had Dad’s big green army tent and it kept us pretty dry. Each morning we rolled up our bedrolls and used them for chairs. Mom organized games to keep us busy and occupied. We played “upset the fruit basket” for hours and hours! I remember one particular morning looking out the tent door and seeing our Mother leaning over the campfire, dressed in her housecoat, under a big pink umbrella, flipping pancakes in the rain. This moment in time says so much about our Mother. She loved camping; she was determined to create a happy atmosphere, to build a strong family, to feed her family well, and to serve patiently, with joy.

Miss you Mom!

From your favorite daughter, ha ha.


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