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Three days in a row I’ve been here. I usually wait at least that long to post a weight loss, so it’s official. Here’s the 18 pounds I posted about yesterday! Eighteen pounds gone!

One more person noticed today. Trudy. She said [after looking at my bum and thighs] “You’re sure looking good these days!” That makes four [count them! f.o.u.r] people who have noticed. [Darlene, Becky, Jan, and Trudy.] [Not counting my family, who have been listening to me talk ‘diet and exercise’ for the whole six months.] Hubby is the only close relative who hasn’t said a word. He pretty much has his own things to think and worry about and wears blinders most every day.

So, yah. Two pounds to go to goal. [Although I’d be perfectly happy to stay here the rest of my life.]

We had night RS meeting this evening and had a huge Thanksgiving Dinner. I put my share on a take-home plate [for hubby] and put it in the church refrigerator while we ate and played a “Gratitude” game. I did have some salad, pickles and olives, but I had already eaten enough for the day and didn’t really want to eat an entire Thanksgiving Dinner that late at night. I felt good about it. I didn’t make a fuss. No one else made a fuss. I didn’t want to attract attention. I really had such a lovely evening with the sisters in my ward. No guilt. No bloated tummy right before bed. No regrets!

N.o. R.e.g.r.e.t.s!

That feels so good!


November 3, 2009 - Posted by | Weight just a minute


  1. Did the sudden weight loss of the last month start when you started the lemon juice thing? Just wondering if there is a connection???????

    Comment by tracy | November 4, 2009 | Reply

  2. I don’t know. My guess is not. I didn’t take it the whole time. I took it for two weeks and then lost the two oils for about a week. Then took it again for about a week then ran out of lemons. I just barely started again yesterday.

    My guess is that I have been working my butt off for the past 6 weeks and exercising like crazy and had no sugar whatsoever and not eaten late and exercised some more and taking my supplements, so my body felt confident that I wasn’t in a concentration camp and was willing to let me lose 2 pounds. Hardly rapid weight loss. I got to 144 on October 21 so it’s been two weeks. I also had a poop fest for the colonoscopy.

    Comment by weighingmatters | November 6, 2009 | Reply

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