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my journey to b.e.t.t.e.r

tender feelings

I’m so blessed to have these two in my life! They’re good friends, Aunt and Niece. They adore each other and look forward to spending time together. I am grateful to have them here for the holiday and thankful for the joy they bring my life.

Sometimes life gets overwhelming but right when it does, more often than not, something happens to let us know how good life is and if we’d just stop and think about it, there’s more good than bad, more positive than negative and so very much to thank God for.

Counting blessings right now . . . one, two, . . .


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to Fisher

Dear Fisher,

Grampa Leonard just showed me that Jack was sleeping under the ladder with the throw on it. But the funny thing is, Jack has his feet under the little bench and has them sticking out of the hole under the leg. Pretty funny, Fisher.

Love, Bommer

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to Blythe; please take note

This hat is so stinking cute! I saw it at our big craft fair in early December and bought it for Mikelle. But I really couldn’t part with it so I told Mikelle it was too small for her. Then boyfriend, Logan, stretched it on his head and proved me wrong. I still want to hang onto it so that Blythe can copy the pattern and make a couple in her crocheting classes. She’s pretty creative and I figure with her imagination and Amy’s skilled teaching, the two of them can come up with something very similar.

It’s got this little asymmetrical flap-like thing in the front with a huge expensive button that adds enough character to make the whole headdress whimsical perfection. I love it.

Blythe, I’ll supply the buttons if you can figure this out and make me a couple!

Love, Gma

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breakfast casserole

Two days in a row we’ve made casserole for breakfast. Christmas morning it was ground Italian sausage, eggs/milk cheese, bread cubes and green onions. We made it the night before and then put it in the oven right as we began opening presents. This morning I found a pound of bacon and last night’s left-over baked potatoes, so we improvised and put that one together. Both were delish.

I had a double serving yesterday but this morning I only had a bite to make sure it tasted OK. This morning I’m all about yogurt, peaches and raspberries along with a handful of walnuts.

Both of these recipes were so easy and compliments passed around the table. Scott said “Why don’t we ever have this when we’re camping?” I’ll have to figure that one out. I’ve never had dutch-oven breakfast casserole, but I can guarantee we’re going to give it a try.

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shear delightful

I’ve been so excited about my new shears in the bedroom. After ordering 12 sets from JC Penny catalog, I finally decided on the gold and cream together, alternating. I love the effect of ‘stripes.’ And they go perfectly with my striped spread and throw. Just what I needed for a mid-winter pick-me-up.  Love, love, love them! I love the sun shining through in the afternoon.

I was going to go with five different-colored shears matching the spread. I had three colors of red/burgundy/pink, three greens, three dark and medium blues and three neutral colors. But it was really too much! I tried them in different combinations but went with the lighter two and love the effect!

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alrighty then

Ok, I need to get back to food/weight related issues. Enough of Christmas; enough of the distractions and the entire “oh, come on, it’s the holidays — you can let down a little” — attitude. I’ve watched my weight [143 this morning] creep up the past week and I need to get a hold on things right now. I need to give myself ‘the talk’ and get back to what I know is healthy and good for me, both physically and emotionally. And of course, when those two are in place spiritually and mentally fall right into place, as well. I know that!

We’ve had enough poppy-seed bread, the best [just ask anyone!] banana bread, cookies and candy from neighbors, sausage-breakfast casserole, ham and potatoes, meatloaf and potatoes, pasta salad and Giant candy bars to last a lifetime. Why, [ha] I wonder, did I ever think I could bring fifteen humongous candy bars [for everyone else] into my home and believe [ha, again!] they wouldn’t be an enticement?

They’re cute! That’s what I told myself. Everyone will think they’re darling and creative and personal. They will love me more when I gift them. But I have now received the gift of ‘cookies and cream’ smeared all over my hips, tummy and rear!

I kid you not!

So this morning I’m back to exercising, eating yogurt, frozen fruit, and walnuts. Healthy, healthy, healthy all day. Someone else is going to have to be in the kitchen preparing meals. I can not be around banana bread today!

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