Weighing Matters

my journey to b.e.t.t.e.r


Fisher called.

Hello Grommer. I need a calendar. For my wall. Blythie has a calendar. Keziah has a calendar. I need a calendar. For my wall.

Me: OK.

Fisher: Could you wrap it in a box and send it to my mail box? Will you please buy me a calendar, Grommer?

Me: I’d be glad to, Sweetheart.

Fisher: I really need one for my room. For my wall.

OK. l’ll do that. I’ll start looking for one right now.

Fisher: OK, Goodbye, Grommer. Love you.

Me: Love you, too, Sweet Pea.

That’s how it all began. I searched Amazon, Calendars.com., Christian bookstore, Barnes and Noble, Deseret Book. See, I want the right price AND free shipping. I could get both at Amazon if I spent $25. I seriously considered getting Office 2008 [for Macs] for Dummies but that took the price way up to $39 dollars just to get free shipping. Just as I was hitting the “Send” button, Tracy said “WAIT I have free shipping for three months.” That’s the short version.

Fisher now is the proud owner of a calendar that’s in his room. On his wall. On a nail.

I asked him. “So, Fisher. Did you need a calendar so you could learn the days of the weeks and the months and keep track of things? Or just to look at the pictures”

Fisher: The pictures.

Seriously. I could have gotten a 2002 calendar for ninety-nine cents at DI.

I totally adore this boy. My only grandson. I hope he knows I would do anything he asks me.


January 30, 2010 - Posted by | Weight just a minute

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