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egg-grapefruit day

My weight has been bouncing around. [Imagine the rubber ball bouncing across the words on a screen with the lyrics of  “A Big Fat Lady Sat Upon My Hat!”

Yup, that’s me — the big fat lady! I’ve had it with my eating the last couple of weeks so it’s egg-grapefruit for the day. I was up to 144 this morning and I’m ready to do something [drastic] about the whole situation. [I was 141 just three days ago!]

So far I’ve had seven hard-boiled eggs and three grapefruit and it’s 6:30 p.m. I’m not hungry in the least and think I’ll get through the evening just fine — this even with the carrot cake with cream cheese frosting masterpiece hubby brought home two days ago. I have no clue why he bought it. He KNEW he’d be in the hospital three or four days. So there it sits staring at me every time I go cut up another grapefruit.

I first started using the E/G day back when I worked at Diet Center in the mid eighties. Diet Center recommended it [not more than] two-three times a month for those who struggle with keeping it real, fibbing to themselves and just all-out binging — while at the same time paying someone or some company to help them lose weight. It’s a way to get off sugar, squelch cravings, and get a semi-fresh start. If you ever do this, be sure to take your multivitamin and drink plenty of water during the day.

There is absolutely no hunger associated with the E/G day. You can eat as much as you can choke down or want and you learn a lot about yourself in the process. For instance, you learn whether or not you are hungry or craving food. If you don’t want to eat eggs or grapefruit, chances are you’re craving. If you are able to eat only these two delightful foods when you feel hunger gnawing, you know you are only hungry. It helps clear my mind. It helps me focus and get perspective. It helps me remember how dang hard I have worked to lose this weight and how quickly it will all glom back on if I keep eating like I have the last little bit.

So, while I can’t really responsibly recommend you try it, I can say, for me, it’s what I needed to do today.


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new titanium knee

Hubby just had a total knee replacement and is recovering nicely in the Evanston Hospital with his own personal pain pump. He’s known he needed knee work for about twenty years but has managed to put if off longer than he should have. He ripped up his knee in 1987 — clear last century! After four [count them!] scopes, he finally decided to get it done right. He was trying to talk himself out of the procedure on the way over to the hospital at 6 a.m. this morning!

Surgery was three and half hours, a full hour longer than expected, due to the huge amount of arthritis they had to carve out. Dr. Peterson explained it was so full of arthritis it slowed the process down and caused a few complications fitting the new titanium hardward into the joint area. He said three days in the hospital and we can get him home to his own bed and weeks of PT.

I truly believe anytime a man is having surgery, the wife should be sitting in a workshop learning how to deal with all the frustrations that are heading her way. Guys don’t deal well with pain.

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I’ve wanted a new web site I can access at work. I was able to use this site for six months but we got a new technology director and that all changed. Apparently any site using the words ‘wordpress,’ ‘blogspot,’ and a host of other “social networking” descriptive terms in their name are now taboo at our school. I can see why administration doesn’t want to encourage their employees to sit and blog all day long. On the other hand, I don’t understand why I couldn’t just occasionally check on things here and there throughout my work day, [big wide grin going on here.]

I could always access daughter, Tracy’s, site over at Wet Oatmeal Kisses. But mine was recently blocked by St. Bernard, an aptly named web blocker. I thought it was because I had used the word poop and pee in several posts. However, new Tech Guy explained it was because of the wordpress name.

So, Tah-Dah! After pulling an all nighter, Tracy and brilliant friend, Jessica, have stick-built me a new place over at the ‘dot com’ arena. I’m over at Weighingmatters.com and I’m here to tell you it’s a cute place to share my thoughts, frustrations, ups and downs, successes and failures, and my sometimes warped sense of humor.

I hope you’ll follow me over there. I hope you’ll stop right this very minute and click on the little link in the last paragraph and bookmark it for easy access. I hope you’ll continue to support and comment and email me with your thoughts and concerns. I hope, if you are on a similar j.o.u.n.e.y to improve your eating habits, your weight, your spiritual altitude, your emotional attitude or your mental aptitude you’ll join me at Weighingmatters.com.

I’ll still be here for a few more weeks, but really, grab my hand right now, and come on over!

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