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calorie bombs

Food is information so what you eat and when you eat it is going to tell your body to either store fat or burn fat.

This is why the kinds of snacks we eat are so important! If we choose a sugary snack — say those little 100 calorie snacks presently flooding the marketplace — here’s what happens:

We raise our blood sugar, we raise our insulin, and the message we get for our body is, honey, store fat!

You say, but it’s only 100 calories! But I say, it’s 100 calories of garbage! And it’s trigger food which will likely prompt you to eat another, and then another of the little 100 calorie bombs, or go to something even bigger, say the carrot cake sitting on the cabinet.

Better, by far, to eat an orange, and apple, some strawberries drizzled with coconut oil [just a touch] and sprinkled with chopped walnuts.


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