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monday is wash day

It always has been. Always will be. My Grandma Smith [my dad’s mother] washed her clothes every Monday morning in a tub with boiling water and ran them through a wringer into another cool-rinse tub. Then she wrung them again and hung the clothing on a line that was pulled up and down with a rope in her kitchen.

Mikelle is washing her clothes in a brand new set of 800 series Kenmores. What a deal. Today they were 20% off and another 10% off when using my Sears card.

Logan and Hula drug them up three flights and installed them in the little laundry room.

Mikelle can now stress about something else. Her laundry worries are over!

This is one reason we had a small wedding. I told them if they would just elope I would give them the money I would have spent on the wedding. So now we’re all even!


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I didn’t sleep well again last night. It wasn’t the fluorescent digital clock that kept me up but upcoming possible posts marching across the landscape of my subconscious — across the theater of my mind. It reminded me of the 10 days Mother was hallucinating due to a prescribed potent antibiotic for bladder infection. She talked all night long in a monotone documentary-type drone reciting about bugs, grass, hay and dishes that seemed to envelop her sitting room in the assisted-living residence. She spoke of being captured by evil men and cried out over and over “I don’t understand why my family hasn’t come to get me. Surely they know I am missing.”

My dreams were like an audition: groups of ideas and words lining up and applying for a place in the blog. Some made sense but others were bizarre as my frontal lobes that govern logic were obviously disengaged. Bizarre combinations of events and people kept me from any amount of restful REM sleeping.

A phrase kept resurfacing throughout the night. “Week’s End.”

I had blogged earlier about finding a name for a weekly post I could use to sort things out, review the week, and list things I’m grateful for, or list things that make me crazy. A menagerie of perhaps unrelated events that have invaded my private thinking.

I think I found the perfect expression.

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no, no, no, no, no, no, and again, no.

My daughter, Tracy, over at Wet Oatmeal Kisses has a post called Thankful Thursdays. I love it. I look forward to it every single week. It seems her life is one amazing blessing after another. Don’t get me wrong . . . there have been plenty of hardships and sadness in her life the past couple of years, as well, but she has a knack for seeing the silver lining.

I’ve been thinking for a month, now, what I could add to my posts along that line. A special weekly list of things I’m grateful for, or look forward to, or accomplishments or something. With a clever little name using acronyms or rhymes. [So far I’ve come up with nothing.] This morning she advised me to write “Maxwell Mondays” because I love quotes by Neal A. Maxwell and cherish my book containing over 1500 of his maxims. She said I could write the quote and then add my feelings. But no. That’s not exactly what I’ve been searching for.

On our way home granddaughter, Andie, suggested having “Sum-it-up Sunday.” Again, no.

I’ve gone through every day of the week trying to think of something ingenious.

Mindful Monday
Tempting Tuesday
Whimsical Wednesday
Thoughtful Thursday
Frantic Friday
Super Saturday
Solemn Sunday

No, no, no, no, no, no, and again, no.

I’ll have to get back to you on that.

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see, this is the only way [for me!] to do it!


Woo Hoo!

Mikelle bought a jump rope yesterday and went bike riding this morning! I’m so proud of her. [I know she’ll beat me.]

She should beat me! She’s 20 years old for guhness sakes!

[But this is a Win-Win. It’s worth the $150 I’ll be paying her!] It keeps us both motivated. It keeps us connected! I love seeing her success. She’ll be better off in the long run. I love when she calls and says, “What should I have for lunch?” I say, “Strawberries are only $2, or some tuna on Wasa or whole wheat. Grab a cucumber and some carrots to snack on. Buy a cantaloupe to last a couple of days. Remember healthy fats! Eat an avocado!”

She’s making the connection between eating healthy and being healthy. She’s making the connection between daily committed, conscious, planned exercise and feeling [and looking] great!


I’ve been working my buns off on the floor in front of the TV. All those leg exercises, hydrants, bum burners, etc. 100 crunches last night with my toes tucked under the ottoman [while Monk was on.] This morning side-burns while I was on the phone with Tracy. I’m starting to integrate exercise into my other activities.

Lose-Lose, Win-Win! for both of us.

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