Weighing Matters

my journey to b.e.t.t.e.r

can’t even begin to explain

how full my heart is at this moment.

After a wonderful, exciting, and long day these two sum it up perfectly.


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two more days!

Mikelle and Logan went up the canyon and got wedding pictures today. 10 degrees!

Are these just precious or what!!!!

Love the red socks!

I can’t even tell you how happy our little girls is. Oops. not so little anymore!


Love, love, love!

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a ring and a date!

These two got engaged at midnight on New Year’s Eve!
And they decided to get married this coming Sunday on


We’ll have a proper announcement and celebration!
We’re so happy for Mikelle and Logan.
According to them he knew within a couple of weeks
that she was the one he was going to marry.
I’m so happy she finally got on board with that as well.
[She’s actually known for quite a spell, herself]
It’s just been a matter of time.
And now’s the time! What a great number!

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dear children

It’s New Year’s Day [5 a.m.] and time to write December’s family letter. I think December has been a magical month. At first I allowed my focus to be [overwhelmed] thoughts of shopping, organizing, sewing, crafting, spending, baking and wrapping. I was pretty crabby about it. It was colder than usual the first part of the month — temps only in the single digits — and I made myself pretty miserable. I snapped at a few people and really didn’t enjoy the Season but as things went on I gradually felt more like celebrating. And I did survive. I don’t really understand all the moodiness back then.

The first week was filled with parties and dinners galore. I think I mostly worried about all the food, deserts, goodies, candy, calories and pounds. But somehow I managed to navigate those with success. I particularly enjoyed my brother/sister party and my ward party. Those are the two that involved people I care about. Leonard’s work party was at a great restaurant [by Bridger Valley standards] and the food was superior, but the people were pretty rough-hewn.

I especially enjoyed having company and someone to talk to and laugh with. It get’s pretty quiet around our house and Leonard isn’t the most communicative person I’ve met. He spends a lot of time at work and then a lot of time winding down in the shop or in front of the TV. I have to admit I’ve gotten into that same habit myself. And sitting in front of the TV wreaks havoc with my outlook and my weight/exercise goals. I’ve enjoyed blogging about the ups and downs of trying to get into better physical condition and have reached goals on several levels. It’s been a good distraction.

For Christmas I got some great gifts – pans, a cooking/camping stove, books, perfume I love, clothing, nail kit, jewelry, and pictures. Quite the wonderful assortment of presents; but again, the greatest gift [by the time you get my age] is always family. It brings warm memories of my own childhood family with Mom and Dad. Waiting on the stairs ‘til everyone was assembled and rushing into the living room to see the Christmas display was a highlight of my younger years. [How did Mom manage doing all that for nine?]

This past week I’ve had the added joy of visiting with Tracy’s family, making [more] watches, playing games, shopping, reading, enjoying little Annes and big Fish, just plain relaxing and getting away from work. And this morning Blythe and I are heading to Jackson to play in the snow with Scott and Andie. We’ll see the elk and tube down the hill. Then we’re going to soak in the hot tub at the rec center. The perfect end to a great holiday season. [Movies and food might also be involved.]

Most of all at this time of year I am drawn to the greatest gift of all. I’m so grateful for the Savior and his apparent love for each of us. I can scarcely comprehend all that it involves but I know it’s a reality. I know it’s available if we just turn around, recognize, and accept it. I spent many, many years without the gospel in my life. I was rebellious and thought I had to try every phase of temptation, sin, bitterness and scum around. I dug a pretty huge hole and was miserable. Worse of all, I was convinced I didn’t deserve to have a better life. Little-by-little I was nudged in a direction that gradually led me back to church, scripture study, prayer, love and the Atonement [which I admit I know and understand very little about but can’t deny it’s healing power in my life.] I know I haven’t been the greatest example of these things in your lives but I’m here to tell you right now that, next to family, these are the most important things. I can’t imagine my life without the answers, peace and joy I’ve found in the gospel. My life would be bleak without it.

I love each of you in a special and individual way that only a Mother can distinguish and cherish. You are everything to me. I want, more than anything else, happiness for each of you. Direction. Peace. Joy. Contentment. Love.

Love, Mom

Off to a new year. A new decade! Make it a good one!

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I love doing dishes. Well that’s not entirely true. I love having the dishes done.

Doing dishes, for me, has always served a double purpose. For example, when we are camping I insist on washing dishes every single meal for the ten-day period because I want my hands clean! It’s the only time I can really get under those nails, get the pine sap and soot off.

When I’m at home I want the dishes done because I hate the clutter. I want the dishes either in the cupboard or in the dishwasher. I’m still trying, after 23 years, to train hubby to put them in the dishwasher or at the very minimum, to at least check and see if they fit in there. [But no.]

I’m at Tracy’s for a few days and just woke up to last night’s dishes in the sink, on the cabinet and stove. I washed them all and laid them out on a towel to dry. I wash here for two reasons. To get rid of the clutter — she has an enormous amount of dishes with four children and three meals a day — it just, logically, all backs up. And second to keep warm! Their water heater is turned to 180 degrees but the house is usually around sixty. They are all very hearty people and used to the cooler temperature in their all-electric home. I’m sure it costs about the same as a monthly house payment to keep this place warm in the winter so I can understand why the heat is low. But every chance I get to turn on the hot water and keep my hands there for twenty minutes I take it.

It wreaks havoc with my manicure, but it’s very utilitarian. The greater good, you know.

So it is with everything else. I was thinking of how it fits with eating healthy and exercise. You can probably make the leap yourself . . .

Even though I love it when I’m in the groove, [when I start to crave daily exercise and wouldn’t go a day without] I don’t particularly like to exercise right now after not doing it consistently and mindfully the last 2-3 weeks. [It’s a lot like starting over.] But I did exercise yesterday right on Tracy’s livingroom floor — I did 100 abs and the whole round of hydrants and back leg lifts. Then I did squats on the wall for three 30-second holds. [killer!] And I love-hated the feeling throughout the day when my muscles were actually aching. [It’s been a while since I felt that.]

I have to make myself do it. Yesterday legs and abs, this morning arms and chest. I have to make myself until I want to exercise. I have to live as though I’ve got it all together until I get it all together!

This morning I added some core exercises because I’ve known for some time I needed to. Can I just say it hurts every part of my body to try to hold myself up on my elbows and toes for 30 second increments. My back hurts, my tummy hurts and of course my elbows and toes ache like crazy! But it’s for the greater good. Evidently this group of muscles steadies the frame and keeps everything lined up properly. “When the core muscles are weak, other muscles have to compensate and take over functions they weren’t designed to perform, so they can’t work at their peak efficiently and they get stretched in unnatural ways.” [This from my new book, I Hate it When Exercise is the Answer.]

Dishes. Exercise.

I do each because I like what it produces. Not the process. It’s the end I’ve got in mind. No pun intended.

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tender feelings

I’m so blessed to have these two in my life! They’re good friends, Aunt and Niece. They adore each other and look forward to spending time together. I am grateful to have them here for the holiday and thankful for the joy they bring my life.

Sometimes life gets overwhelming but right when it does, more often than not, something happens to let us know how good life is and if we’d just stop and think about it, there’s more good than bad, more positive than negative and so very much to thank God for.

Counting blessings right now . . . one, two, . . .

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whew . . .


Notice, no Christmas tree this year. I put everything under my darling [handmade] red table in the corner on which sits a favorite Nativity I made years ago. I wanted to take one chaotic activity out of Christmas and the easiest for me this year was to forget the tree.



What a fun day. I so enjoyed having Scott, Stephen, Mikelle and hubby to enjoy the day with. We spent way too much money on each other. We ate way too much food. We drove way too far for the movie, Holmes. [It was wonderful, though, to see Shelby again for a while at the Evanston Cinema!] Now it’s 8:00 and I’m pooped and they’re all heading to the high school for some round ball.

EVERYONE got vests. Carhartt, of course. Even boyfriend, Logan, who sports matching hats with Mikelle. We really should have taken a picture with all six of us in assorted colors and styles. Vests mean security to me. They mean future, safety, warmth, vacation, hunting, camping, fun, preparedness, quality, unity. They probably shouldn’t mean all that, but they do.

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When Mom was alive we would all try to be the first to call and say “Christmas Cheer” before the person on the other end of the line would say those same words. It was a competition, a family tradition. I’m not sure where it started but it is fast in all our Christmas customs.

We expanded it to be the required phrase to say during other holidays: “Easter Cheer,” even “Fourth of July Cheer!” “Camping Cheer!” It became nonsensical. Silly. But I’ll miss calling Mom this morning and racing her to the line. Instead, I’ll turn my head toward heaven and call out the musical phrase. “Christmas Cheer, Mom.”

“Heaven Cheer” up there to you sweet Mother!”

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