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Week’s End

This thought has filled me up!

I’ve been studying for Sunday School. We’re learning about the creation. These words enraptured my soul! [Is that a word?]

Jonathan Edwards, an early president of Yale, understood the symbolic purpose of creation. He showed how the daily rising of the sun, and its awakening us in the process, is a witness that when Christ, the True Sun, comes, He will awaken us all from death. “As the sun, by rising out of darkness and from under the earth, raises the whole world with him, raises mankind out of their beds, and by his light, as it were, renews all things and fetches them up out of darkness, so Christ, rising from the grave and from a state of death…raises all his church with him….And as all the world is enlightened and brought out of darkness by the rising of the sun so by Christ’s rising we are begotten again to a lively hope, and all our happiness and life and light and glory and the restitution of all things is from Christ rising from the dead, and is by his resurrection.” (Quoted in Perry Miller, Images and Shadows of Divine Things, p. 60).

I love the heavens. I love the moon, the stars and the Sun. I often imagine that heaven will be in the sun. It is light and energy and direction and warmth and fire [so it will be cleansed and pure.] It’s huge and all-consuming and the center of the universe.


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I keep hearing, for New Years I’m going to . . . stop chewing, start eating healthy, really start exercising, stop this or that, start this or that.

Why New Year’s? [How about getting a two-day’s head start on the whole project?]

How about today? Why do we think we need to start on a Monday, a new month, a new year? Today is the perfect day to make a change, to make a difference, to make a fresh start. Today’s Wednesday, December 30, and I’m going to make a difference in a few things today. Not everything. But a few.

I can eat healthier today than I did last week. I can exercise this morning instead of going all day without even a good stretch. I can make a difference in how I feel right now.

I can stop this avalanche and get my footing. I’m only up a couple pounds and its better to get on track right now instead of doing what I’ve done in the past. Most people don’t even know I’ve messed up. So right now, at 7:50 in the morning, I’m heading to the car to get my new weights and starting the morning right.

Two days ahead of schedule!

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new new new

It’s the beginning of a new week. The Sabbath. I weigh 142.5 after a week of company, holiday goodies and too much food around the house. In a few days it’s a new year and a new decade — a great time for a new outlook and a new beginning. A while ago I posted the phrase “a new look, a new outlook.” And I know the two go hand-in-hand. Got to have the new outlook in order to stay with the new look. [Wow. 9 ‘new’s in that paragraph! — so obviously it’s my point!]

Mikelle and I were just discussing yesterday how many clothes I have stuffed in the closet. She recognized it’s because there are four sizes in there! I look at some of the clothes I wore six months ago and they are huge. Huge. And I don’t want to go back there. Even all the clothes I recently bought from Christopher and Banks that I thought were so attractive and complimentary are gigantic now, so I really need to pass them along, give them away, let go of them, even though I spent a whole lot of moolah.

Really, got to get rid of them. [Just trying to convince myself!]

My new way of thinking can’t be about ‘better hang on to them just in case . . . .’

We were goofing around and were wondering which one of us was smaller so we challenged each other to put on the other’s pants. Wow. They both fit perfectly! I am the same size as my 21-year-old daughter! I felt so good!

That’s what I’ve got to hang on to. Not a bunch of too-expensive, too-big clothing. I’ve got to hang on to what it feels like to be where I’m at. This is where I want to be until forever. 140 pounds, [still working on that!] size medium, size 10.

That’s the new me.


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