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What a great day! Yesterday we ran to Ogden to do a few things. I got so many things crossed off my to-do list, and did some other things that weren’t even on it.

  • got a part for my vacuum from the Sears parts place
  • got money out of my credit union for a payment on Mikelle’s new washer and dryer
  • made that payment while I got the vacuum part! How’s that for killing two birds!
  • slipped into Dillards while Scott and Andie were at the food court and bought a pair of Dansko’s I had looked at during Christmas break up in Idaho Falls. They were on sale! It took three minutes!

  • bought Scott his birthday present, a Carhartt hoodie to match his green vest. [It didn’t match — there are about six different Carhartt greens. Oh well. It looks good with black.]

  • bought a new Camelback water bottle with help from granddaughter, Andie, to get the correct color [lime green]

  • found a tire for hubby’s snow machine trailer. Scott and I had tried three other places and had given up but on a whim I tried one more place.
  • bought a darling Christmas stocking for half price that I plan to duplicate next year. So, so cute, huh Andie. We saw it last November but couldn’t justify paying $21 for one stocking! I feel much better about it now.
  • bought a few more glasses at Sam’s. These are 1.75 and used for scoring. Most of my others are 1.5 and I have to wear two of them for really close-up work. I feel pretty stupid wearing two pair of glasses, so I had to get them!
  • ate at Chuck-a-Rama. Delish! I had squash, four kinds of salad, a little roast beef, steamed veggies, green beans. Dilish, again!
  • Then got a week’s groceries at Wal-Mart on the way home.

I feel so organized — ready for the coming week. Can’t wait to wear my new shoes to church.

And I’ve had such a good week — health-wise — that I now am the proud owner of a body that weighs 140.5! [not necessarily a good emotional week since I’m still frustrated with the whole work incident!] Even after all that food at Chuck’s and having company this weekend. I’ve exercised almost every single day. And I have been ultra careful about what foods I’m eating.

140.5! YEAH!


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monday is wash day

It always has been. Always will be. My Grandma Smith [my dad’s mother] washed her clothes every Monday morning in a tub with boiling water and ran them through a wringer into another cool-rinse tub. Then she wrung them again and hung the clothing on a line that was pulled up and down with a rope in her kitchen.

Mikelle is washing her clothes in a brand new set of 800 series Kenmores. What a deal. Today they were 20% off and another 10% off when using my Sears card.

Logan and Hula drug them up three flights and installed them in the little laundry room.

Mikelle can now stress about something else. Her laundry worries are over!

This is one reason we had a small wedding. I told them if they would just elope I would give them the money I would have spent on the wedding. So now we’re all even!

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a ring and a date!

These two got engaged at midnight on New Year’s Eve!
And they decided to get married this coming Sunday on


We’ll have a proper announcement and celebration!
We’re so happy for Mikelle and Logan.
According to them he knew within a couple of weeks
that she was the one he was going to marry.
I’m so happy she finally got on board with that as well.
[She’s actually known for quite a spell, herself]
It’s just been a matter of time.
And now’s the time! What a great number!

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still yay!

Still 140, but it’s fast Sunday and I’m starving, so I need to take care and pay attention to the ‘natural sigh’ phenomenon and only eat until I’m pleasantly comfortable. This late Church business [1 pm – 4 pm] is pretty hard on fast Sunday. It’s 5:11 and I’m eating the first food of the day!

Some of the posts I read list the starting weight, goal weight and where I am in that process so today it’s 176/140/140! Yay! Or I could just say 161/140/140 for my most recent weight story. Still yay!

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